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He thought to himself: “Even if Africa is a poor, you can live very comfortably as long as you have a lot of money. The good news is that everything you need to buy abroad! With the financial means of my Banks family, not to mention the arrogance of buying Madagascar, but if you really mean that building a hundred acre mansion in Madagascar is not just a matter of splashing water. As long as I do not let myself to suffer and enjoy my old age, I am satisfied! “

When Charlie saw Lord Banks finally go soft, he looked at Zara Banks and said,” Miss Banks, come here for a bit. .

Zara Banks looked at Charlie nervously and she felt lost for a moment.

When Charlie asked Lord Banks directly to transfer the position of Patriarch to Zara Banks, Zara Banks was very nervous. She didn’t know why Charlie wanted to help herself in this way, and she didn’t know if she could run a family as large as the Banks family well.

However, when he saw that a Charlie was now calling himself, although Zara Bank was very nervous, he obediently left.

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The Amazing Son In Law Novel 3670-3671 Free Reading

The Amazing Son In Law Novel 3670-3671 Free Reading

He stood in front of Charlie and asked respectfully: “Benevolence … you … what is your orderr sir …”

Charlie said indifferently: “Your grandfather would like to give you the position of patriarch. You will be the patriarch of the Banks family. in the future, so feel free to thank him. ”

Zara Banken was so stunned. She knew Charlie had taken everything from her grandfather, so she was quick to say: … Zara Banks, thank you for your love … but … but I’m really not sure I can handle a booth as big as the Banks family … “

Charlie stated at this moment: “You dont should doubt yourself, I dont have too little touch with the humans of the Banks Family. You are the best one that has a satisfactory man or woman and ability.”

Speaking of this, Charlie checked out Xion, and stated: “Even Xion, there has been a beyond that turned into blinded via way of means of the Banks Family and killed harmless humans indiscriminated. Although it turned into all told via way of means of your father and your grandfather, she I am now no longer truly with out responsibility.”

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Xion decreased his head barely ashamed while he heard this.

In the beyond, she did quite a few shameful matters for the Banks Family, which includes killing Matsumotos own circle of relatives in Japan, or even the youngsters werent permit off.

Therefore, Charlie stated that she turned into now no longer truly blameless, and he or she agreed with it 100% in her heart.

At this time, Charlie stated to Zara banks again: “The Banks Family has vintage foxes like your father and your grandfather. They have finished too many evils for such a lot of years. You are the best one who’s proper at home.”

After speaking, Charlie checked out Lord Banks and Zayne again, and stated lightly: “In my plan, the Banks Family turned into going to be destroyed via way of means of me quicker or later, due to the fact in my preceding vision, the Banks Family turned into one in all off them. There aren’t anyt any accurate humans.

The purpose why I extrade my thoughts now’s due to the fact I trust in what you’re and that you may deliver the Banks Family upright. Only while the Banks Family takes the proper way, I will open a aspect to the Banks Family. So the Banks Family Up and down, nobody is extra appropriate for this role than you.”

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At this point, Charlie checked out Lord Banks and stated coldly: “So, Lord Banks, dont assume that Zara banks robbed you of your own circle of relatives property. In fact, she stored your life! Otherwise, it relies upon on you carrying hemp today. went to Yeling Mountain to observe a terrific show, and I wont can help you go away Yeling Mountain alive!”

Lord Banks couldnt assist however shiver at this moment. He noticed that Charlies phrases didn`t appear to be joking at all, and he turned into so scared that he turned into sweating right away afterwards.

He firstly idea that Charlie turned into intentionally looking to rectify and avenge himself, however now he is aware that Charlie is without a doubt letting cross of his own life…


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