Justify The Title of The Novel ” Seize The Day ” – Seize The Day Summary

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Seize The Day

The obvious story of Seize the Day tells how a person at risk of complete disappointment reaches the position of “achieving the highest needs of his mind.” “Seize the Day” is the story of an important day in Tommy Wilhelm’s life, a story that could not adapt to the tough world of money, selfishness and exploitation around him.

A failure by world standards, Tommy rewinds at every point in his life, giving shameful humiliation to the hands of his self-righteous self-absorption biological father, Dr. Adler, a prominently gorgeous surrogate father doctor. He experiences a dire situation and reaches a terribly devastating end of life-as he was afraid, he was wiped out.

However, in the end, they are completely human and overcome shame by grabbing the day. Seize the Day’s anti-hero hero Tommy Wilhelm is a disgraceful failure. He has few things that are truly heroic. “Victory” or “success” is a word not found in his personal dictionary.

He never won. not even once. Throughout the novel, he fights a lonely battle and he wins it on the brink of collapse. He has moved away from worldly desires, cut off all relationships with the dehumanized world of materialism, and in the long run has a universal passion for “love to live and enjoy a decent life.”

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Of the heart that goes towards the establishment of a personal world based on. Driven by youthful enthusiasm, Tommy aimed to become a movie star. “He should be freed from a narrow life with average anxiety.”

Contrary to the agent’s advice, and contrary to the wishes of his parents, he hurried to Hollywood and changed his name. .. But with luck, his screen test failed badly against him, eventually turning his youthful aspirations into a persistent disappointment. He barely survived as an extra.

His stubborn attachment to Hollywood’s mission to become a movie star robbed him of much of his youthful vitality and vitality, leaving him unfit for quality work. Now a grown-up man with a estranged wife, he seeks childlike affection and help. He still cannot accept his destiny as an ordinary person.

Seize The Day Bangla Summary

The story of Seize the Day ends with a magnified image of the man. Throughout the novel, Tommy fought a lonely battle against the forces of darkness against what was destroying humanity. He crosses the edge of alienation that could overthrow him. The last paragraph talks about Tommy’s rebirth.

“ The flowers and lights fused ecstatically in Wilhelm’s blind, wet eyes; the heavy sea-like music came un to his ears. It poured into him where he had hidden himself in the center of a crowd by the great and happy oblivion of tears. He heard it and sank deeper than sorrow, through torn sobs and cries toward the  consummation of his heart’s ultimate need.”

Here we see that meaningful suffering is affirmed, not denied. There is a kind of rebirth so that the image of drowning (sinking deeper than sadness) becomes clear. Wilhelm has transformed. He was baptized in some way and shed tears of joy. Tommy not only releases, but also purifies. His tears brought him “to meet the last need of his heart.” This powerful ending of the novel portrays Tommy as a long-term victory.

Seize the Day is about both love and money. Like a child, the main character of the book literally longs for sympathy and attention from both his born father and his surrogate father. But when he encounters unnatural and suspicious treatments from both, his hopes are constantly shattered.

Seize The Day Summary

His pursuit of filial piety and compassion ends with melancholy frustration, but the final chapter of the novel has a hint that Tommy’s tireless heart is saturated with a touch of love. In the novel, Tommy is the only character who cares deeply about what is called love. In the end, Tommy decided to build a carefree world with his beloved olives, based on this universal love passion for maximizing his life.

“ I’ll get a divorce if it’s the last thing I do” he swore” As for Dad- As for Dad- I’ll have to sell the car for Junk and pay the Hotel. I’ll have to go on my knees to Olive and say, ’stand by me a while. Don’t let her (Margaret) win, Olive” And he though,  I’ll start again with Olive, In fact, I must. Olive loves me, Olive’

On Seize Day, the dictatorship fails to completely crush Tommy. Bellow overcomes shame by endowing his protagonist with persuasive human qualities.

Throughout the novel, Tommy Wilhelm, the incarnation of suffering humanity, embarks on a highly metaphorical journey where the confirmation of a meaningful life is the final step. From a very precarious position to a solid foundation, from rampant loneliness to a heart-bending adaptation, from shame to admiration.

‘Seize the Day’ tells the story of a man’s success with humble human qualities, not physical prowess. The book tells the twists and turns of a person’s life, and how he overcomes the obstacles to grab the day: a true bellow who offers an expanded vision of life, exemplifies his hero Tommy Wilhelm.

And show you how to use the day, the great and huge present, and the meaning of life. The title of the story not only reveals the history of finding the protagonist, but also illuminates the meaning of the book. Seize the day’ tells how to seize the day, and the title that best generalizes it is appropriate. By giving the book a title, Saul Bellow gave it an almost figurative dimension.


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