Fully Faltoo NFT Goes Live With 3013 Tokens in 2022

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bacaaja.idFully Faltoo NFT Goes Live With 3013 Tokens in 2022 fullyfaltoonft.com. Hello, loyal friends of Bacaaja, meet again with the admin, who this time will discuss about one of the videos that is currently making a lot of internet users excited.

The NFT marketplace Fullyfaltoonft, curated by Viacom18’s Youth Music & English Entertainment cluster and powered by GuardianLink.

Has been already received an overwhelming response for its digital artwork preview since its announcement to enter the rapidly growing digital space of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
As of today, February 14th, at 6 p.m., the platform is ready to offer 3013 valuable tokens to its end users.

The OG Bakra Cyrus Broach bought the Bakra NFT, and a panel discussion on the Future of NFT in India with Anshul Ailawadi – Business Head, YME, Viacom18; Keyur Patel – Co-Founder, Guardian Link.

Vani Kola – Founder & Managing Director, Kalaari Capital & Akshita Gandhi – Leading NFT artist was held at a glitzy digital event.

Consumers will see a broad assortment of pop-culture-oriented digital collectibles, including rare and valuable artwork inspired by series like ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan’ and Bakra, among others, in a first-of-its-kind in India from a Youth entertainment company.

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The artworks will be sold in two categories: Loot and Rare, and will be available worldwide.

Fully Faltoo NFT Goes Live With 3013 Tokens

Fully Faltoo NFT Goes Live With 3013 Tokens in 2022
Fully Faltoo NFT Goes Live With 3013 Tokens

The loot category will allow digital art collectors to bid on unique digital artifacts such as ‘Bakra urf G.O.A.T,’ ‘Rangu The Champ,’ ‘Winging it aka Wing it like Wingnesh,’ and others for as little as $10, which they will receive based on a randomizer.

The rare collection, which includes numerous unique art pieces such as ‘Dunk That Junk’ and ‘A Panda’s Grey Anatomy,’ as well as a special Valentine token inspired by moments from the cult sitcom ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan,’ will be up for bidding at a reserve price of $50.

The item will be won by the owners of the rare collection at the end of a seven-day bidding period. The minimum amount to add to your wallet is $25. The fact that customers may use Fiat Currency to acquire the unique digital art adds to the ease and convenience of purchasing while also ensuring inclusivity.

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‘Fully Faltoo offers our superfans and collectors an amazing opportunity to own a part of legendary pop culture’, Anshul Ailawadi, Head – Youth, Music, and English Entertainment, Viacom18, said of the brand’s debut in the NFT ecosystem.

Our initial drop of 3013 NFTs marks the start of a fascinating and exciting trip across the Web 3.0 realm. We’re convinced that this unique collection will strengthen our current ties with our spirited customers, as well as help us grow fandom and engagement for our renowned brands in the virtual realm’.

‘NFTs are undoubtedly the future for the art market,” stated Keyur Patel, Co-founder and Chairman of GuardianLink.io, and the Fully Faltoo NFT collection is curated on a novel idea that clearly sets itself apart.’

‘We’re ecstatic to bring this one-of-a-kind collection to life, which echoes the historical brand’s ideals and vision. This collaboration with the Viacom18 team is really exciting, and we look forward to adding even more value to Viacom18’s YME cluster, the NFT universe as a whole, and the end user’.

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Viacom18’s Youth, Music, and English Entertainment cluster will continue to develop and create engaging virtual experiences for its consumers in the ‘Web3 revolution,’ thanks to rapid technological advancements.

Fullyfaltoonft.com, the NFT platform, will continue to add notable NFTs to its collection and broaden its horizons in order to become the go-to destination for must-have digital art.


Okay friends, readers, read on, that’s all the admin can share about the information that is currently viral, namely “Fully Faltoo NFT Goes Live With 3013 Tokens in 2022”.

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