Elle Darby and Connor Swift Twitter Back Shocking Social Media Twitter

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BacaAJA.id Elle Darby and Connor Swift Twitter Back Shocking Social Media Twitter. Hello fellow readers, this time the Twitter social media was again surprised by the request of a woman who once made a lot of netizens angry about her treatment on Twitter social media.

Influencer Eli Darby was outraged after a shocking tweet was published 10 years ago. Connor Swift, a 26-year-old mother with over 700,000 followers and an Instagram sensationalist, and her influential fiancée Connor Swift have met a backlash over the tweet, some of which still appear on her Twitter account.

Because the tweet was widely posted in the form of screenshots, the couple issued a statement saying they were “destroyed” in some of the language they spoke as children.

@EllenorDarby’s tweet read, “Why do foreigners follow me? I’m not talking about your grumbling, idiot.” Another said, “I like four pretty labradors more than ugly, ferocious hybrids.” This year could go back to RSPCA.”

New tweets appeared on Twitter from Elle and Connor’s old accounts during the Christmas break. The tweets were very shocking to many, most of them focused on racism towards minorities and minorities.

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Several tweets referenced skin color, others used the term, and others alluded to harm to animals, bullying, phobias of fat and death wishes for bus drivers.

Thecouple apologized for their past actions in an Instagram story, saying, “Because Christmas and New Year have traditionally been times of reflection, we decided to take time to check out both social media stories.

“We’re ashamed to admit that we didn’t like what we found. We were all shocked, surprised and devastated by some of the language used in our very old tweets, especially especially in a decade. “

We believe that we are all responsible for our own mistakes and try to take responsibility for our actions, especially those that do not show up. us under the best light. adults, just as we were when they were created, and do not correspond to what we represent.

“We can’t help but feel anger and shame that our behavior has hurt some of you who have supported our family for so long. We can only ask for your forgiveness.”

The couple went on to wish their followers a happy New Year’s Eve and urged them to stay safe. A former fan of the couple took to Instagram to post a screenshot of their statement, captioning it above which reads:

“I don’t know why @elledarby claims she’s been thinking for herself and scan your own social networks ” You were caught off guard and you would never have confessed otherwise. ” Daily Star has reached out to Elle’s rep for comment.


Well buddy, that was a little explanation from the admin regarding an influencer who is currently making the social media universe excited, “Elle Darby and Connor Swift Twitter Back Shocking Social Media Twitter”. Hopefully it can be useful and help you all.

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