Allegra Stratton Downing Street Party Video Leaked

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Allegra Stratton has resigned as government spokeswoman for the Cop26 climate summit after images were released of her joking about a Downing Street party during the height of the lockdown. opened in December of last year.

In a statement sent to reporters and read to television crews outside her home, Boris Johnson’s former press secretary said she deeply regrets having toyed with other No 10 aides. during a rehearsal later abandoned planning for Downing Street filming press conferences.

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“My words like to clarify the rules, the rules that everyone who does anything must follow. That was never my intention. I will regret these comments for the rest of my life and apologize for it to you.

Saying she remains proud of her work at Cop26, Stratton said, I understand the anger and frustration people feel. To all of you who have lost loved ones, endured unbearable loneliness and struggled with their jobs – I apologize and this afternoon I submitted my resignation to the Prime Minister.

Stratton moves into his Cop26 role after scheduled Downing Street briefings were cancelled. A former correspondent for the Guardian, BBC and ITV, Stratton also worked for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak before moving to the No 10 position.

Allegra Stratton Downing Street Party Video Leaked


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